About us

About us

Motive aims to support its partners in purchasing-related issues and activities in order to optimise the buying process. This is done by offering unique purchasing support services from a different perspective. To this end, Motive has developed a unique purchasing traineeship programme called Motive Talent. Together with our team, we aim to raise purchasing to a higher level by sharing knowledge and experience. We are a close-knit team in which every member puts forth a maximum effort for our partners.

Mission: Bringing together organisations and talented buyers by contracting them, hiring them and, consequently, professionalising the purchasing profession together with them (organisations and talents).

Vision: Self-aware individuals are committed, take responsibility, are cooperative and achieve their goals. Organisations endeavour to develop and gain significance in the market. Young talents are curious and want to put their knowledge into practice. Motive Talent is the link between demand and the supply of young purchasing talents.

The purchasing staff works for all departments within an organisation. As a result, purchasing can be a catalyser that sets things in motion. Motive Talent meets the need for growth by linking self-aware young (purchasing) professionals and a purchasing coach. As a TEAM (commissioning party, trainee and purchasing coach), we work together on the development of the organisation and purchasing in particular. We provide recognisable added value in the pursuit of the organisational goals of the commissioning party.

Our team
Motive is based on a close-knit team of employeeswho want to help organisations move forward through collaboration and development. We are all tremendously motivated to raise the purchasing practices of your organisation to a higher level. Having the right motivation to become a buyer and succesfully completing the Motive Talent programme are prerequisites during the selection procedure for the best talents. This requires continuous development as buyers by participating in certified purchasing courses, information events and purchasing events. We do all this because we want to stay up-to-date on recent developments in the field of purchasing and, as a result, serve you even better.


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